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What is JamAlong Music?

JamAlong Music’s curriculum is based on Orff-Schulwerk, which incorporates what children like to do: sing, dance, clap, play, chant, create. One of the main objectives is to teach basic music competence – sing in tune and play in rhythm – through hearing and making music and later, reading and writing music. The main approach is through play, laying the groundwork to experience music JOYFULLY.

Dramatic play, children’s books and poetry, games, and dances bring music alive through the children’s bodies. Special Orff melody instruments include wooden xylophones and metal glockenspiels which offer good sound immediately. Played together as in a small orchestra, their use helps children become sensitive listeners and considerate participants. World instruments bring variety and experimentation to the orchestra. With Orff-Schulwerk, improvisation and composition start students on a lifetime of knowledge and pleasure through personal musical experience.