Music Education for 4.5-7 yr olds

Based on Orff-Schulwerk music education, these group classes build upon your child’s inherent musical abilities to increase their basic music competence – playing in rhythm and singing in tune – as well as learn early music theory,  improve movement skills, and express through creative exploration.

Classes include:

  • songs
  • rhythm chants
  • dancing
  • drama
  • improvisation
  • children’s literature and poetry
  • creative exploration
  • instrument play – drums, xylophones, percussion, sound effects, etc.
  • Recorder lessons for 1st graders.

• The group process encourages echoing, practice by exploring and extending the music, improvisation, and learning to read and notate music.

•  From this early experience, children are then well prepared to enjoy the study of instruments such as recorder, piano, or a stringed instrument by the age of seven or eight.

•  The program is carefully designed to encompass an academic year. This encourages the opportunity to delve deeply into the material as well as build a bonded group of musical peers.

drama•   Class size is limited to 10 students with individual instruction and attention, as well as the benefits  of a peer experience.