What Families are Saying

Lucia and me

“I like Teacher Annie because she is kind, intelligent, and funny.  She’s a great dancer, sings, and plays a rockin’ guitar!”-  Emmy Chatigny, age 4


“You will find no better music teacher for your child of any age than Teacher Annie.  I have been taking my grand child to her Music Together classes for several sessions and find her enthusiasm and demeanor delightful.  My grand daughter can’t wait to go to make music with Teacher Annie every week.  Annie creates an atmosphere that is diverse and fun,  making for a stimulating and enjoyable learning experience.”  Sarah Lazard (Mémé)


“Teacher Annie is great! She creates such a fun, relaxed and playful environment.  Music has been my favorite activity to do with both of my daughters.  I truly enjoy it as much as the kids do.” – Monique Sousa


“As both of my children will tell you, Teacher Annie is energetic, loving and has an amazing ability to make music fun.  Teacher Annie has a wealth of musical knowledge and a keen sense of her students’ interests.  My kids and I use melodies from class and Teacher Annie’s creativity to build our own songs about cleaning up, going to bed and hopping in to car seats whenever we need a little encouragement!

Looking back, no other activity has been as fulfilling and special to my family as classes with Teacher Annie.  Her class has created a special bond between my kids and one that will no doubt last forever. ” – Tania McDaniel


“Annie is the best teacher for your child! She is engaging, encouraging and very talented… My two year old would ask each week, can we see Teacher Annie please! Anyone that knows Annie loves her!!!” – Valerie Stewart